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The 2007 Congress of the Federation Internationale des Quilleurs took place on Thursday 30th August in Monterrey, Mexico, in conjunction with the Women's World Championships 2007, hosted by the Mexican Bowling Federation and its president, Dr. José Amado Aguilar.

The meeting opened with FIQ President Steve Hontiveros (pictured) welcoming the delegates and introducing the dignitaries.

There were 89 delegates present, carrying 76 proxies, giving a voting strength of 165.
Five new members were admitted: Albania, Moldova, Serbia (ninepin only), Montenegro (ninepin only) and Catalunya. FIQ Membership thus increased to 134 nations. As Catalunya is the only new nation to have officials present, the voting strength is increased to 167. Additional proxies brought the total to 170. 86 is the new majority, 114 for two-thirds.

Steve Hontiveros thanked his board members for their hard work.

Four candidates were presented for the office of President: Steve Hontiveros (Philippines); Salman Abdul Ghani (Qatar); Jessie Phua (Singapore); Cho Jong Gook (Korea).

Cho Jong Gook withdrew his application in a short presentation.

Steve Hontiveros was the first to seek election by stating that he had done the best he could over the past four years.

Salman Abdul Ghani, a member of the Qatar Olympic Committee, stated that is time to establish our aims for bowling and start marketing. Without that there will be no future in bowling.

Jessie Phua who is also the president of the Singapore Bowling Federation, was the final speaker. She explained that although all candidates come from the same zone, they are all friends. "We are a sport in a desperate need of change," she commented. "We need to be current and progressive. for a sport that boasts of millions of participants, without any discrimination, recognized world-wide, why are we not in the Olympics? We are a house divided, on three corners of a triangle. We talk, but we don't communicate. We do not recognize the jewel in our hand. Let's work for a super world tour. Only when we are united and professionally managed do we truly deserve to be in the running for the Olympics."

The election resulted with Jessie Phua’s victory over Steve Hontiveros, making her the first female FIQ president in the history of this organization for the next four years. In the first round, Phua received 68 votes, Hontiveros 66 and Abdul Ghani 37 votes. Since there was no majority (more than 50% of the votes), the election went into a second round with Salman, who has the least votes, being dropped. The results of the second round were: Phua defeated Hontiveros, 97-74.


Jessie Phua is a businesswoman, a nominated member of the Singapore Parliament and also an Executive Committee member of the Singapore National Olympic Council.

Finally, the Congress elected Joan Ricart from Catalonia, president of the Catalan Bowling Federation and Gustavo Lopez from Guatemala, president of the Bowling Federation of Guatemala, as 1st and 2nd vice president, respectively.


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